From Asia Minor to Etruria: The comparison of Pelasgian and Etruscan Artifacts.

The Etruscan people, situated between the Arno River and Tyrrhenian Sea, have origins that continue to puzzle scholars. 19th century historians initiated the comparison of Greek literature and Etruscan objects with the Pelasgians, or the predecessors to the Albanians. However, due to political conflicts of the 20th century the communist regime of Albania secluded their walls to any outside sources and historical discourse, creating a backlash to previous scholarship. However, the modern examination of Etruscan DNA and ancient literature explain their origins from Asia minor, Lydia, and Pelasgia. In this analysis I compare the art of Etruscans and the Pelasgians by comparing similar inscriptions, architectural order, and mythological scenes that were shared amongst these people who crossed the same paths of migration. 

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Winter 2020